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About Next Level

Working with a wide range of clients from 10-90 years old.  We work with clients who are working to achieve a wide range of goals from being able to participate in day to day life to the elite athlete that is trying to be at the top of their game and maintain that as long as possible.

We help clients maintain an optimally working musclar system. S
and Next Level Fitness Studio provides a private and comfortable fitness environment. Health and fitness should not be intimidating so to complement our customized programs, our facility features hand picked exercise equipment that has been designed with an understanding of how the body is designed to move. 



Client Defined Exercise

We work with real people to help achieve real results.

  • Focus on real people who may not be built for exercise the way it is offered
  • Those who are not as tolerate of exercise as others
  • Have lives that allow little time for exercise and don’t know how to
  • Not fond of the traditional gym environment
  • Want to move better and feel better for the long term
  • Goals that don’t involve extreme forms of exercise that can lead to injuries
  • Its not what you do but how you do it (internal performance)
  • Exercise should be designed around you and your individual needs/capabilities
  • Strength training is about contracting the muscle amp optimal weight should focus on optimal internal contraction of the muscle.
  • Strength training should build muscle, not tear it apart
  • Strength training should make you feel and move better

Custom fit Personal Training

  • Do you find exercise intimidating?
  • Do you experience pain or discomfort that keeps you from getting the most out of your workouts?
  • Don’t feel comfortable in starting and continue an exercise program?
  • Do you have an injury that you are recovering from and need support to retrain your strength or range of motion?
  • Are you concerned with your quality of life and want to take control of your health and wellness?
  • Micro-progression-moving forward only when you are able to tolerate the exercise prescription?
  • Multiple strategies for training muscle to increase strength and endurance of your muscle system


I am currently in California and will be taking bookings from September 2017.



  • Genetic sample test kit
  • Your genetic diet or exercise report
  • Diet plan or Exercise suggestions



  • Genetic sample test kit
  • Your genetic diet & exercise report
  • Diet & Exercise Summary Infographic
  • Diet plan
  • Exercise suggestions



  • Genetic sample test kit
  • Your genetic diet & exercise report
  • Diet & Exercise Summary Infographic
  • Diet plan
  • Exercise suggestions
  • In-Body Analysis
  • Weekly Check ups

All above plans include personal councelling with me as well as my associates.


We love working with athletes and focus on the specific needs of each individual. Regardless of the sport, we’ve got the program for you

  • Athletes wanting to keep their bodies tuned up to optimize performance
  • Recover from injuries
  • Addressing the muscle strength and endurance of the injured area
  • Addressing the muscle size of the injured area vs the non injured
  • Prevent injuries via the muscle contractioning optimally
  • Muscles have enough strength and endurance to control the body
  • Make sure muscles are able to control the joints
  • Increase or maintain the body tolerance for specific forces required for the sport
  • Build muscle that has strength and endurance
  • Making sure you own and control the strength you have
  • Increasing strength and endurance of your body to perform optimally

Aging Athletes

We work with real people who want to continue doing the sports they love and we can help make this happen.

  • Are you beginning to break down and not doing the sport or activities that you once were able?
  • Not sure how to move forward what exercises should I do?
  • Don’t understand why your body is not healing as fast as it should?
  • Frustrated with your body not healing?
  • Continue to wait for your body to heal and frustration with not getting back to the sport or activities that you love.
  • Feel like yourself again!

What People Say About Me

Erik and his team at Schwenn Next Level Fitness are second to none in the country. They have a commitment to excellence that produces dramatic results. I highly recommend consulting with them if you want to understand your body and improve the way it functions.

Stacey Earl


Not only did Erik’s work help me when I was working with him, but what he taught me to do has lasted and I use every day. Literally helps me to walk upright.


Mardig Sheridan


Health Quote

“Flexibility is a derivative of strength. Muscle tightness is secondary to muscle weakness​.”

– Greg Roskopf

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14204 NE 21st Street | Bellevue, Washington 98007

+1 (206) 353-0356